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Forensic Equipment, Technology, and Reference Library

Equipment Description

  • Raytech Ultraviolet Lamp Model LS-4CB Longwave/Shortwave

  • Magnifying Camera OC 185

  • Variety of magnification equipment: Hand held magnifiers; Magnifying portable lamp; Bausch and Lomb Stereo Microscope 7X – 30X; Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope With Boom Stand – SZSTL2 7X – 45X

  • Testrite CS-2 Copy Stand with Lights

  • Kodak Z740 Digital Camera5

  • Polaroid Digital Camera

  • Special Lighting

  • Boreal Laboratories Light Filters

  • JB4347 lighted Stand Magnifiers

  • Light Box

  • LDP LLC UV light

  • Portable Blacklite model 1801

  • Numerous measuring devices and grids

  • Starrett Micrometer No. 436-1 in.5

  • Dell 962 Scanner; Copier; Printer

  • Dell Dimension 4700 Computer

  • Dell 19 inch Flat Screen Monitor

  • Magnifying Camera OC 185

Library and References

  • All About Pencils, by Ann Kessler

  • Attorney’s Guide to Document Examination by Katherine Koppenhaver

  • The Business of Document Examination Second Edition by Katherine Koppenhaver

  • Crime and Penmanship by Ted Widmer

  • Document Examiner Textbook by Jess E. Dines

  • Detecting Forgery by Joel Nickell

  • Developments in Handwriting and Signature Identification in the Digital Age by Heidi H. Harralson

  • Evaluating Evidence by Katherine Koppenhaver

  • Evidential Documents by James Conway

  • Expert Witness Manual by Jess E. Dines

  • Forensic Handwriting Examination by Reed Hayes

  • Forensic Handwriting Identification: Fundamental Concepts and Principles by Ron Morris

  • Fundamentals of Document Examination by Edna W. Robertson

  • Handwriting Identification: Facts and Fundamentals by Roy A Huber

  • Hidden Evidence by David Owen

  • Introduction to Handwriting Examination and Identification by Russel R. Brandford and Ralph B. Bradford

  • Law of Disputed and Forged Documents by Newton Baker

  • Pen, Ink and Evidence by Joe Nickell

  • The Printer by Ted Widmer

  • Questioned Documents Second Edition by Albert S Osborn

  • The Questioned Document Examiner and the Justice System by Dr. Ray Walker

  • Red Flags On Forged Checks by Joe Lucas FDE

  • Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents Revised Edition by Ordway Hilton

  • Suspect Documents: Their Scientific Examination by Wilson R Harrison

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