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This page describes the cost of services when hiring Ms. Roxanne Brand. The more complicated cases, which include multiple questioned documents, multiple suspects, or specific advanced forensic tests will be higher. When you have decided which services you want, you can check out inside the secure shopping cart.

A retainer of $800.00 covers the first four (4) hours of time spent on a case.  A best estimate flat rate quote to complete the case will be provided once all the documents have been received and reviewed.  Once an opinion has been reached an invoice will be issued for the work actually performed.  Payment of invoice must be made prior to release of opinion unless other arrangement have been agreed upon.

Roxanne Brand  New Case, Lab work, Verbal & Written Opinion or Written Declaration

General Retainer Fee

$ 800.00 

Roxanne Brand Consultation / Examination and Analysis or Consultation Time (hourly); fees cover consultation, case review, examination, verbal opinion, written opinion, and pre­trial conferences.

$ 200 Standard Hourly Rate
$ 250 Hourly Rush Rate

Attorney Consultation (hourly rate):  Telephone or Roxanne’s Office

$ 200.00

On-Site Inspection of Document (hourly)

$200/ hour + travel costs

 Court Testimony  (Must be paid in full prior to court)

$ 1200/day plus travel costs

Travel Expenses

See the shopping cart for current rates. Travel costs are calculated based on location. An invoice will be issued to the client once a location has been established.

Deposition Time

$ 1200/day plus travel costs

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