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All the services on this rate page are utilized to pay for the services of Mr. Bob Baier. The typical one questioned document case is $1,495 flat rate. The more complicated cases which include multiple questioned documents, multiple suspects, or specific advanced forensic tests will be higher. When you have decided which services you want, call Bob Baier.

Flat Rate Billing Option

Description Amount
New Case, Lab Work, Verbal & Written Opinion or Written Declaration
(One Questioned Document, One Suspected Writer; unlimited unknown documents)
$1,495 Flat Rate
Each Additional Questioned Document or Suspect Document (Using the Flat Rate option) $300
Rush Fee (8-24 hour turnaround, weekends/holidays) +100%
Rush Fee (24-48 hour turnaround, business days) +50%

Time Based Billing Option

Description Amount
Bob Baier Consultation/Lab Work or Consultation Time (Hourly) $500
Designation Fee (Instead of General Retainer) $995
Attorney Consultation (Hourly Rate via telephone or in Bob’s office) $1,000

Additional Fees (If Required)

Description Amount
On-Site Inspection of Document  $500/ hour
 Court Testimony  (Must be paid in full prior to court) $2,000/half day (1/ 2 day is up to 3 hours at the courthouse. Morning or afternoon)
 Court Testimony  (Must be paid in full prior to court) $2,500/full day (Full day is usually 8:30 am-4:30 pm )
Travel Expenses – Meals $75/day
Travel Expenses – Lodging $150 per night or actual cost
Travel Expenses – Air or Rail Cost of air/rail ticket plus travel time @$150/hour
Travel Expenses – Driving $120 per hour plus $0.60 per mile
Deposition Time – Half day  (Paid in full, prior to deposition) $2,000/half day (1/ 2 day is up to 3 hours at the courthouse. Morning or afternoon)
Deposition TimeFull Day (Paid in full, prior to deposition) $2,500/full day (Full day is usually 8:30 am-4:30 pm )
Court Display Preparation $ 1,100  (for one questioned signature)

If you are planning on hiring a document examiner solely based on a fair price, you are are in luck. Despite Mr. Baier’s extensive experience and media exposure, he has maintained a similar price structure as his graduated students and industry peers so that the clients can choose based on ‘quality’ and not price. Bob Baier’s rate schedule is in the normal range of document examiners nationwide for testimonial time and courtroom appearances… the prices listed above for the initial consultation, lab-work, and letter of opinion are below the average industry prices. But, Mr. Baier is not the cheapest in the United States. If you want a “discount price”, please contact one of Mr. Baier’s students or a less experienced examiner.

Choose your expert based on quality, not price.